What We Do

A collaborative approach to education


When schools need help reshaping curriculum and culture to change systemic inequities and empower teachers and learners, they turn to a different solution.


The folks over at the Harvard Graduate School of Education find that "an effective social-emotional learning program has to be a whole-school initiative."


Incorporating social and emotional learning skills to reframe language, behavior expectations, and the fundamentments of education creates long-lasting echoes into home life and our community at large.



How We Do It

Our unique approach to education


We operate on the 4-C Learning Method:


Calm Body, Calm Brain: Using the Ten Breaths Away breathing method to train our brain and bodies to encourage mindful self-regulation with this anxiety reducing technique

Communication: Carefully designed with Trauma Informed and Non-Violent Communication Techniques; asking questions with curiosity rather than contempt

Collaboration: Life is one big group project and we might as well get used it; how to work together like a seasoned theatre troupe

Self-Confidence: Empowering everyone to speak up, stand out, and make difference


Designed to empower the learner as well as the teacher, the Whole School SEL program is the result of 30 years stage experience, 20 years teaching everyone from preschoolers to prisoners, and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge across many areas, particularly where the arts meet science and humanity.


Why You Need Us

Approaching education from another angle


You're here because the changes at your school seem to come quickly and need even quicker implementation, but you need help


It's important to you that the Arts remain a highly-valued education tool, particularly where learning opportunities feature teaching artists and scientists


Its impact starts with small ripples that branch out to homes and communities at large, changing lives one breath at a time


It's imperative that everyone feels safe, heard, and receives a wholistic education putting students first


You're here because you're ready to invest in the time, committment, and excellent learning standards that come with being a part of the Whole School SEL movement